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Welcome to My Course Home Page!!


Hi, I'm Geof Duncan the Career Academy Career Development Coordinator for Knightdale High School Of Collaborative Design.  This site lists the courses that I am teaching for the 2015-16 school year and all pertinent assignments and information.


Please contact me with any questions or comments about any of the courses I teach:

Geof C. Duncan

Email Me




KAES Career Academy Internship


An internship is an experience where a high school student learns by taking on a responsible role as a worker in a company or organization and then observing and reflecting on what happened while they were in the workplace. The KAES Career Academy Internship Program is a supplement to formal classroom instruction. Its intent is to significantly add to the vitality of the instructional program and to impact the courses that a student has taken or will take.


WCPSS Student Portal Directions

Discipline Presentation - Spring, 2015

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